1 (one) hunting day ————————————– 250 eur


4 nights / 3 days hunting —————————— 750 eur

5 nights / 4 days hunting —————————— 990 eur


renting hunting gun ———————————— 50 eur/day

box of 25 cartridges ———————————— 10 eur


renting hunting dog ———————————— 25 eur/day

single room ———————————————– 15 eur/day

(Mallard, Eurasian teal, Common pochard, Garganey, Greylag goose)

Hunting season: from 01 August to 31 March
(best period for ducks hunting is from 01 December until 31 March)
Hunting areas: by the rivers, small lakes, rise fields
Limits: unlimited ducks per hunter per day
Hunters: minimum 3 hunters

Rates and Accommodation:
4 nights / 3 days hunting
5 nights / 4 days hunting
Additional hunting day is on your require

Documents Required for the Hunter:
Valid passport or identity card
Hunting license from your country
Permit for export guns
Passport with rabies vaccination for the dog

The Rates includes:
Transfer from the airport or any border pass and back
Accommodation in a hotel or a hunting lodge in double rooms on a full board basis
Transfer from hotel to the hunting area
Complete hunting organization
Professional guides
Hunting license valid for all period
All shooting birds – partridges for all hunting days
Keeping birds in a deep freeze during accommodation
Export documents for the birds

The Rates does not Include:
Transport to/from Macedonia
Renting hunting gun 50 eur per day
Box of 25 cartridges 10 eur
Renting hunting dog 25 eur per day
Single room 15 eur per night
Personal insurance