Hunting destination
Macedonia is a perfect destination to plan your next hunting trip. It is one of the rare places where you can find almost all European kinds of big and small game.

If you want to bring some new horizons to your next hunting trip and experience untouched natural beauty, this country holds great possibilities.
You can relax while enjoying the mix of Mediterranean and continental climate. Also taste European and traditional cuisine, homemade recipes, variety of organic food, wine from our small wineries and visit the unique and famous Ohrid Lake.
This is the pearl on Balkan Peninsula, Macedonia-land of untouched natural beauty.

Small and big game hunting:
Here is where you can find different types of hunting game that cannot be found anywhere else but on our terrenes. We offer both big or small game. From small game: quail, turtle dove, wood pigeon, pheasant, ducks, common snipe, woodcock, rock partridge, gray partridge; as well as big game: roe deer, fallow deer, red deer, wild boar, mouflon, wild goat, feral goat, kri kri-ibex, racka sheep, barbary sheep and wolf.

Hunting terrains:
Due to the continental climate, the terrains are quite accessible for hunting, depending of the type of hunting you prefer.
If you hunt small game such as quails, grey partridge, turtle doves, pigeons, ducks the terrains are easily passable, orchards, vineyard, flat fields, sunflowers, low grasses, cereal fields, rice fields, rivers, small lakes…
If you hunt woodcock or rock partridge the terrains are mountainous, rocky, hardly passable because of the lush vegetation, also grown with small trees appropriate for this kind of game.
If you hunt big game, the terrains we have are free range and fenced area. Wild goat is hunted on 2.000m asl on extremely difficult terrain.

From your arrival in Macedonia, on our airport or any border, we organize your transport to the hotel or the terrains. Depending on the agreed location, with our vehicles we will take you to the booked location. During you whole stay here, we remain at your disposal.

The accommodation is in a decent hotel or hunting lodge depending on the location where the hunting is. Some of the hotels have spa center, massage center, free wifi. Mainly, the accommodation is in double rooms on a full board basis or lunch package when you suppose to go to the terrains.
For the big game hunting, the accommodation is always is hunting lodge.

Hunting guns and cartridges:
With booking your hunting package, it`s in our organization to manage for import license for your gun. Your only obligation is to bring your gun license from the country you come from. Also you can rent some of our guns here, which model depends on the type of your hunting game.
On our disposal we have shotguns 12 and 20 cal with over and under barrels or semiautomatic, and few different calibers for big game starting from 270WIN to 300WIN MAGNUM.
The maximum cartridges allowed for one person is 200.

Hunting documents
Valid passport or identity card
Hunting license from your country
Permit for export guns

Documents for dogs
Passport for the dogs
Regular vaccination
Rabies vaccination
Maximum allowed dogs per person is 5 (five).

We have all the necessary certificates for the shooting game.
We also have CITES certificate for wolf.

Hunting insurance
We kindly advise you to take out the appropriate insurance that will cover all the risks before leaving your country like injuries or accidents, and that we can not accept any kind of responsibility.

Storage of shooting game
While your stay here, all the shooting game, from the small game can be storage in deep freeze or first trophy preparation for the big game

Other activities
During your stay here, if there is time for free activities, we will provide daily tours to some of the most interesting cities across Macedonia. Here you can find lots of natural beauties, historical monuments, museums, Ohrid Lake and some popular wineries.